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what is innventors?

We are an Edtech company established in Colombia and Canada with +4 years of experience teaching children and youth robotics, coding and multimedia design. We have a multidisciplinary team in education, technology and pedagogy with which we develop a program to strengthen the skills and competencies necessary for industry 4.0.

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Nadya Tellez
Toronto, Canada

I have lived in Toronto Canada for 3 years and for my daughter's birthday I was looking for a creative alternative to celebrate her birthday with her friends. The experience with Innventors was incredible, a very committed and professional team that has the ability to win the attention and affection of children. The activities were dynamic and quite educational, I highly recommend them.

Antonio Cortes

Innventors encourages children and adolescents in collaboration and participation in projects, problem solving, strengthening computational thinking and developing those skills necessary for today's world. I participated as ICT secretary in several projects with Innventors in schools in Facatativa, Chia, Mosquera and Madrid. I was surprised with the results in both private and public schools. Thanks Innventors for the contribution and the great work.

Summer camps
Mario Castañeda

My son Diego Juan participated in a vacation course "Innventors Junior" in December 2018, he learned tools to program video games with robotics Scratch with Lego and educational Minecraft, this experience greatly developed in Diego the desire to know more about programming. Nowadays his passion is creating worlds in Minecraft, using programming commands and doing a lot of research on the net how to improve. It is very gratifying to see how the passion for something evolves in our son and, most importantly, that there is this type of organization that encourages children to use technology. Thank you Innventors for your work !!!!!

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